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Applying Industrial Protective Coatings Nationwide

Established in 1973, Delta Coatings & Linings, Inc. has been an industrial coating applications leader in the chemical coatings industry.  We have provided corrosion protection for more than 40 years. Our knowledge, expertise and experience are exceptional.  

Owner, Rick Guillory, has been with Delta Coatings & Linings, Inc., since 1981. His knowledge of fluoropolymer powder coatings and professional application is superior.  Delta Coatings & Linings, Inc., provides valuable feedback and innovative ideas, to plant maintenance engineers in the chemical industry.  They rely on Delta's knowledge and expertise when making critical decisions regarding which protective coating would best serve their needs.  

Delta Coatings and Linings, Inc., has 40+ years experience in the application of powder coating products.

Advantages of Our Powder Coatings

  • Corrosion Protection 
  • Non-Stick Surface Protection 
  • Abrasion Resistant Surface Protection 
  • Chemical Resistant Surface Protection

Delta have the knowledge and experience to solve your powder coating needs.  We apply a wide variety of protective coatings:  P.F.A., F.E.P., E.T.F.E., P.T.F.E., E.C.T.F.E., Xylan and Halar, as well as many other baked on coatings.  See our coatings product page for a full list of additional coating products we apply.    

Give us a call at (225)355-0204, during normal business hours, or (225)939-4092, after hours, to discuss your coating needs.  We are a 24/7 facility. We are here to help with all of your coatings and linings needs.

  • We Provide Expert Coating Applications

    DELTA works closely with the maintenance departments of chemical plants during turnarounds and emergency repair jobs. We are able to turn some parts around within 24 hours. DELTA applies several coatings, which can give that old piece of equipment new life for nine additional years of service.

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  • We Solve Your Corrosion Problems

    DELTA can solve many of your corrosion problems. Whether it is lining a new tank or stripping and recoating used pump housing, our staff has the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide critical data regarding which coating and application best serves your needs.

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  • We Get It Done - Quickly!

    DELTA has the personnel to serve you. We can recommend the correct coatings for your service conditions and then apply the quality coating. DELTA works closely with maintenance department personnel during turnarounds and emergencies and provides fast response/equipment turnaround times.

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